Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Tannah's Genie Story

 Genie’s Trip

Jonathan and Mileka were meeting at the Cafe because Jono had found a miraculous bag. It was definitely not normal. It was very, very colourful. And it had very unusual writing. It’s writing looks like this:                                  
So Mileka and Jono looked inside very slowly.

“Bang Boom!” Mileka and Jono covered themselves. I don’t know why because sparkles and glitter, stars and beautiful things were popping out of the very, very colourful bag. Jono leaned a little closer to find stars with the unusual writing inside. Jono became suspicious about it but didn’t tell Mileka in case it was a treasure warning..

“Guju Guju Bang Bang” a genie popped from out of the sparkles. Mileka and Jono’s mouths dropped like a bomb hitting the earth. The Genie was talking in a weird language because the weird writing was a warning and suddenly changed back to English again. “What are you doing here?” Jono asked, suspicious of what it wanted! The Genie said that he wanted to take over someone and that was going to be one of you! Jono gave Mileka a look and Mileka gave the look back! Curiously they arched forward to the weird looking Genie and suddenly they…

Pushed the Genie back into the very very colourful bag and Jono gave a fist in the air quick before he rushed to the counter of Packing NZ and duct taped the very, very colourful bag with it and paid for the tape. Jono then washed the bag in the washing machine so it would not be stinky as the genie sometimes let one go. Soon after, he put powder on incase it wanted to fly away. Jono then told  himself he did a great job and painted the bag and put flowers around it as a present.

Mileka then grabbed the colourful bag off of Jono and sprinted to Jono’s car and quickly texted Jono if he could use it and he replied immediately saying yes. She got halfway there when the car ran out of petrol they filled up and carried on driving to the destination. Mileka got to the NZ Post and decided to be mean and tip the box over and the genie went round and round. Then she asked to post the box to the middle of the Indian desert..

The Helicopter flew down to the middle of the Indian desert and placed it more like threw it down onto the sandy sand. Lizards, snakes, spiders and creepy bugs started climbing into the colourful bag. The genie yawned and woke up he said in his croaky morning voice, ”I forgive you Mileka and Jono for being mean and ugly. I will go to someone else.” Nobody answered but a small hiss and a few weird voices..

By Tannah.

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