Number of the Day

Number of the day idea

Here is a 'Number of the Day' template for those people who would like to use this idea at home. You can involve your children in picking a number and if they pick one that is too easy, parents choose the number next time.

Please remember you can adapt the activities to make them easier or harder depending on the ability of your child.

Click here if you would like to see a page that you can print.
When you click the link it will open in a new window. Go to 'File' then 'Download as' to save a copy as a Word Doc or any other format you would like.

Number of the Day

Write (numbers)


Number after

Number before

10 more

10 less




Tally marks

How many ones?

How many tens?

How many hundreds?

Round to nearest 10

Round to nearest 100

Next odd

Next even

100 more

100 less

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