Thursday, 19 November 2015

Liam's Genie Story

The Bag, The Children and the Oracle

“I’m the Oracle of Delphi!” That’s the Oracle. Hi i'm Harry William. My sister (Carol William) and I found this random bag anyway.
I’m pretty awesome.

“I’ll give you both 40 wishes,” he said.
“Wow! Cool! You mean it?” we said.
I won’t tell you what we said. I will tell you how we found him…

There was once a purple bag with an orange handle. My sister and I walked side by side chatting then we noticed the bag. "Hey sis," I said. “You see that bag?” 
She said, “Nah, wait. Yeah,”

“I’m having a look ,” I said.  
“Me too,” she said.
“Ok,” I said.
“3,2,1,” I said.
At the speed of light something grey, magic and misty came out and said, “I’m the Oracle of Delphi!”

And that is how we found the oracle.

By Liam.

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