Thursday, 19 November 2015

Oliver's Genie Story

  The Lucky Genie

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Zack. He was walking down to the corner store for some milk.

When suddenly, flash, there was a strange light.  It said  in a scratchy voice, “Come here Jack, come here.”

Then Jack went  to have a look. Then he saw a box with yellow stars. It was made of leather.

(Hmmmmmm). “Should I open it?”said Jack. But Jack was courageous so he opened it.

FLASH! Some light came out of the box. Zack was amazed. Out of the box came a genie. It said… “You have 3 wishes.”

Just before Zack did his wish he remembered the movie Aladdin where a genie's number one wish was to be free.

Then Jack said, “I wish for you to be free.”
“Your wish is my command.”  Flash! The genie was nowhere to be seen. Then Jack closed the box and ran home to tell his family.
Lamp, Lantern, Oil, Genie, by Oliver firework | by kevin dooley


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