Thursday, 19 November 2015

Connie's Genie Story

Genie Pants!

“Hmm…, what’s that?” asked  George. 
As he walked closer he  spotted  Georgia, his sister. As she sashayed closer, he noticed the bag was shining bright, colourful  neon

After the weird bag of colourful neon lights a chill went down his spine because he thought it could capture poor innocent children and the boss of the monsters would eat the children in a kido-cake.

“Hey, 'sup. What's that?" asked Georgia. “Nothing,” said George. Then Georgia started stuffing George with questions. “Please tell meeee, where did you find it?  What's inside it?  Who gave it to you?  Did you buy it?  If you did buy it where did you buy it?”
Then George totally lost it and said, “NO! JUST GO AWAY!”

“Hmp, see if I care!” grumbled Georgia. Then an idea zapped into George’s brain. Faster than a blink he screamed, “AHHHH HAAAA! I will open it!” As Georgia stared blankly at the bag and George, something unusual happened…

A ZAP, PING and a big fat POW in a flash of light that was turning dark, neon and light purple in seconds! After the light came, confetti came sprinkling out of the sky.  “AHHHH, my eyes are BURNING!” screamed the children. But it wasn’t finished yet. Then instantly, purple sparks started bursting out of the bag, zipping here and there. Then a figure formed slowly…
A genie appeared then took a glance at the children and zapped back inside.


By Connie!

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