Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bailey's Reading Summary

Connie's Reading Summary

Connor's Reading Summary

Oliver B's Narrative

The Dog and the Chicken                                                                                                          

AT dawn chicken is walking home.  Suddenly he sees the most wanted criminal in the world.  It was Spark the evil dog!  Chicken said, “I wonder what Spark is up to.”  “Let’s follow Spark.” 
1 hour later back at Auckland City Spark went into the chair shop.  Chicken followed.  When they were half way into the chair shop Spark stopped then said, “I want this chair.  Let’s steal it.”

“Stop there, thief!” said Chicken.  “What!  Where did you come from?” said Spark.  “I followed you,” said Chicken. Spark started running with the plastic chair into his hide out and dropped his titanium gate. Chicken tried to get Spark by throwing a hammer.

That did not work. Then throwing rocks at the gate. That did not work. Then used TNT to blow up the gate. That worked. Then chicken put the chair back. Then called the police. Then dog went to jail.    

The End

By Oliver B

Callum's Narrative

The Evil Chicken

In a large brick house on a sunny Friday there was a security dog with white pale skin called White and his owner. One evening, the owner shut and locked the door and left.

At midnight a chicken from the next door neighbour called Charlie started pecking the house, but White heard and then he pushed a white plastic chair in the entry. White jumped on the plastic chair, unlocked the door and then pounded at Charlie.

When White’s owner walked back home, all the owner saw was White sleeping on his bed.

By Callum

Jesse's Narrative

I’m High
  Once upon a time there was a dog. One day, a chicken flew into the backyard when it was lunchtime. He landed on the pink plastic chair.
 “Lunchtime! Dog!” called the dog’s owner. As soon as the words floated into the backyard Dog started zooming for the house.  
   “I’m high! Ha ha!” called the chicken on the chair. Dog stopped to look. Dog stopped so fast he blew chicken off the chair. Chicken           fell 
   Chicken sat on the gate this time. “I’m h…” Bang! Dog’s leg hit the gate. The gate swung chicken off. Crash!
    “I’m high, h…” Chicken was on the den when he accidently stood on a nail. Ouch!!!!!!!!
               off. Boink.  
   Chicken was on the roof this time. “Yap, yap, yap!” went the dog. He was rushing for his lunch. Chicken didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to fall off the edge. But he was so worried about falling off the edge he fell into the chimney instead. Thump!
   Meanwhile, the dog was having lunch. The chicken in the chimney started to cry.
He never, ever teased people again.
    The day after chicken learnt his lesson, the dog and the chicken became best friends.
The End

By Jesse

Tandia's Narrative

The Tale of One

Once there was a young Husky named Caroline. She lived in a farm with her cat friend Jeremy. They were BFFS! One day... "I'm bored," said Jeremy. “Let's play tag,” replied Caroline. They played tag.
While Caroline and Jeremy were playing tag they didn't know they were being watched by the evil chicken Klaus! “Look, we should play outside,” said Jeremy. “No, the forest,” replied Caroline. So they went to the forest.

“Look over there,” whispered Jeremy. “It's a fox,” replied Caroline. "Lets go say hi,” whispered Jeremy. But instead the fox came to them. “Oh hi,” said the Fox. “Hi,” replied Caroline and Jeremy. “I'm Elaina,” said the fox. “I'm looking for an evil chicken named Klaus,” replied Elaina. "He's a radioactive chicken," said Elaina again. "Oh," said Caroline. "Wait. I’ve got a chicken friend named Klaus,” replied Jeremy. "Jeremy, you’re in trouble. Has Klaus ever bitten you?” asked Elaina. “Yes,” replied Jeremy. “Go to the graveyard. I have a friend who can help,” said Elaina. So off they went to the graveyard. 
“FINALLY!” shouted Jeremy, not knowing that he just woke something up. “Uhhh, Jeremy do you believe in ghosts?” asked Caroline. “No,” said Jeremy then realized what she meant “GHOST!” screamed Jeremy. “Don't be afraid,” said the ghost. “My name is Damon.” “So Elaina sent you here,” said Damon. “Yup,” replied Jeremy. “Well take the potion then,” said Damon. “Why?” replied Caroline. “Just drink,” said Damon. “321 drink,” said Damon. And they suddenly were facing Klaus and tried to defeat him. “YOU can't defeat me,” screamed Klaus. “Yes we can,” replied Caroline. Then Caroline threw a poison potion and…KLAUS WAS DEFEATED! Let me tell you it then rained candy and they lived in awesomeness forever and they had a special party.

By Tandia

Monday, 29 June 2015

Oliver W - Narrative

The Stuck Chicken

(In Russia at 8:45 in the sky tower). The dog is trying to save the red chicken which got stuck on the chair.The dog used a scrubbing brush.Then the dog used a scraper.Then the dog used a spade and the spade got the chicken off the seat.HOORAY!!
The chicken was saved. The chicken got an ice cream from the mall to forget about him get stuck on the chair.  The chicken said, “Do you want to be friends?”  
The dog said, “Yup, we can be friends forever!”
Thanks for reading     

By Oliver W  

Aya's Narrative

You Broke My Chair

Once upon a time there was a dog. He went in to chicken’s house without knocking. He had found the most shiniest chair. It was so pretty that he wanted to sit on it.

So he decided to sit on the chair. The dog had broken the chair. He was too heavy. Chicken was very tired so he went to the chair.

One minute later chicken found out that dog had broke the chair. Chicken found dog at the park on the swing. Dog and chicken got in a big fight. Suddenly dog said, “I can fix this problem. We can get some glue or sticky tape.”

“I don’t have any sticky tape or glue and we both don’t have enough money.” Dog remembered he had a similar chair. Chicken said thank you.

By Aya

Tannah's Narrative

The Year in 792834

On Venus there lived three… well two REAL living things and a plastic chair. Their names were Amilee (the dog), Matilda (the chicken) and Luke (the plastic chair). Their PROBLEMS were…

Luke had to deal with FAT bottoms on his face (as he was a chair), Amelie had a problem of saying “#”. And lastly Matilda was a HYPER hypnotizer so you know what her problem was.

Alice the flying UNICORN heard the problems and wanted to help. OH! I didn’t tell you who Alice is. She’s the Queen of all unicorns and she’s really PRETTY! Anyway, she got the portal to go to Venus and off she FLEW.

                          * 5 hours later*

WOW,” Alice said with excitement, “this place is soo not PINK” :(  While Alice was walking she kept on saying to herself, “Where’s the PINK?” Finally she found them.

“ # What do you want sparkle face?” Amilee GLARED at Alice. “I just want to help you.” Matilda took that as a compliment so she said, “Please HELP us.” Alice explained that she heard them and wanted to help. Luke just stared BLANKLY at them.

So Alice went to work helping them. This is what she did. “First I’ll help Amelie,” Alice SHOUTED.  “# whatever,” Amilee proclaimed. Alice got out of her bag a roll of duct tape. For 3 days Amilee had duct tape on her mouth with a little something on the duct tape. Three days went by and when she RIPPED it off. Amilee never said #. “Now for Matilda,” Alice said.

Matilda was a little bit scared but she handled it. Alice put Matida on a sugar-free diet and glasses for her. She had to do this for a YEAR! “ Finally LUKE!” Alice screamed so LOUD that your eardrums would BURST! Alice  made Luke magical so he could fly away from those NASTY FAT bottoms when they were about to sit on him.

“Thank you soo MUCH,” Amilee,Luke and Matilda SHOUTED as Alice flew away! From then on they never had those problems again!  

By Tannah

Quite A Long Trip

The Very Very Very Long Journey

This story includes…
Bat Man
as usual still wearing the same clothes and still saving people’s lives
Bobby (the innocent dog)
loves to eat trees and his face is so red it makes my eyes water!
Cherry (the evil Chicken)
she loves her pink and blue dress and her face is very pale in the summer!
and the very boring chair doesn’t have a fun life. All he does is… get carried around and glue gets put on him “see, doesn’t have a fun life like Batman”

One day a little dog was walking to China with a chair on his back to get a very, very, very tiny bit of wood. On his way to China a fat chicken swooped in and took the dog back to Alaska.

While they were flying back to Alaska the chicken put glue on the chair and forced the dog to sit on it. Once the dog sat on the chair the chicken put TNT around the chair.

After all of that, the chicken finally got to Alaska. He left the dog in a very small room on the chair with his butt glued to the chair!

The dog was left in the room for a little bit because the chicken was setting the timer for the TNT. Once the chicken was done he went into the very small room to see how the dog was going and he was gone:o
There was a hole in the wall so he looked outside and Batman was in the air with a spatula in his hand because when Batman drops the dog off in China he’s going to try scrape the dog off the chair!

Dog and Chicken

Dog and Chicken go to the Shop

One day dog went to the farmer. Chicken looked at the dog. Dog looked at the chicken. And then they were friends.

”We go to the shop to buy food now,” said dog . “Ok,” said chicken. Then they went to the shop. They bought corn, bone and rice. They were very happy.

They were both happy and went back home!

By Kevin


The Dog And The Chicken

The Dog And The Chicken

Once upon a time there was a super dog and a bad chicken and a special plastic grey chair.

One day when the dog was sitting on the plastic chair he heard a noise and went outside. And then chicken came inside and hid the chair on the roof. Dog came in and he didn’t see the chair. He looked on the shelf but he didn’t find it. He looked under the hay but he didn’t find it the plastic chair.

So he looked on the roof for the plastic chair and super dog took the plastic chair down into the barn. He sat on the grey plastic chair and started to read a magazine. Bad chicken was taken to jail and super dog had a very good time without bad chicken and super dog fell asleep.

The End

By Travis

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Bailey's Narrative

Basic Facts

This week's class average for the basic facts is 85.

Dojo Points

Well done to this week's Dojo point winners:
Connie, Callum and Jesse !

There are now 12 students who have more than 100 Dojo Points for the year.

There is one student in the class who now has more than 200 Dojo Points for the year.

Swimming Carnival

It was time for the Swimming Carnival .As the teachers shouted “A8!”It was time for the first race freestyle.

AS the clappers went CLAPP!!!!!!! I DARTED in the water like a fish ………almost there! ………YAY! third place! Next I did Backstroke……Ready…… set……GO!!!!!!! I was Graceful as a dolphin. my heart  was beating Fast! Almost……there! …… 5th place! Scissor kicking……  Errrk last  :( :( :(  okay last race……..   I hope  I win and I think I will…… or will I!?

By Cathy