Monday, 9 November 2015

Tannah's Extravaganza

Extravaganza Weekend

Once upon a Saturday, I went to gymnastics and we practised our display for the end of the year. There are three fantastic girls who are Neve, Lucy and I (Tannah). It is basically tumbling but a bit of dance. I need to get my standing back tuck!

After my gymnastics I went home with Mum and we had to get ready for a great night with my family. My clothes were very cozy and warm because at night it will be under -3 degrees! Meg came after lunch and we hopped in the car it took about 30 minutes to get there!

After all the fighting in the stuffy car we waited and waited in a long, long line to get our tickets. Finally we got them and all I heard from Kelsey was, “Let's get onto the field with our friends!” We found our spot and our mums’ friends’ family came also.

It started off with a halloween costume competition. You didn’t have to dress up - we did not. Then there were prizes given away and stuff like that. Next there were planes flying everywhere. You could buy them but we didn’t (they were not real planes.) Army planes that flew in a real war were showing off their AWESOME tricks! Motorbikes were amazing and spectacular. One of them was showing off and there was a fight and one of them had to go to hospital!

What we had been waiting for was the fireworks. The lights turned off and a big firework flew in the black sky. There was a funny dance party with fireworks and a big carriage with dancing hooligans. Next were a few people who swallowed fire and played with fire sparklers. The show began with amazing fireworks timed perfectly with lots of great music! We then saw lots of 3D lasers that were amazingly cool in the very black sky.

It sadly stopped and we got in the car at about 11:30 and took a few petrol stops and drove Meg home. When we arrived at home Maggie was very happy to see us and was jumping on us which was very hilarious but I just ran to bed and fell right asleep! We had a great night and we had lots of fun!

The End

By Tannah

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