Sunday, 13 December 2015

Bye bye Buddies

At our last Buddy Class time today we exchanged cards and wished our buddies Happy Holidays.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Basic Facts

Our class average for the  Friday basic facts test was 90%.
This is our new highest average score this year.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Dojo Point Winners

Well done to this week's Dojo point winners:
Tannah and Connor

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Basic Facts

Today our class average for the basic facts test was 88%.
This is our highest average score this year.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Dojo Point Winners

Well done to this week's Dojo point winners:
Tannah, Matthew, 
Aya and Cathy!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Jacob's Genie Story

The Genie & the bag

Once upon a time there was a brown bag in a room.

Flash! There was a bright light and flames scorched the wall.

Boom! Suddenly a boy named Jacob rushed in and slammed the door. Bang! Just then his sister heard the noise and rushed into the room.

Piff! A Genie appeared. “Say your last words!” said the Genie. “Mwa ha ha ha haa!”
“Uh, see you later, I’m going,” said Jacob.
“Same,” said his sister.

                The End

By Jacob Ag

Aya's Genie Story

Genie in a box

In a hospital there was a shiny box. It was beautiful, shiny, pretty, handsome and irresistible. It has some glitter around it.

Then suddenly Sam came in and found the box. He thought it was beautiful, shiny, pretty, handsome and irresistible just like I said before.

Then suddenly Emily came in. It was so weird and Emily also thought the box was beautiful, shiny, pretty, handsome and irresistible just like I said before.

Emily and Sam opened the box then they could see a spot of glitter getting bigger and bigger.

Then a bunch of glitter flew high into the air. It was like fireworks but at the same time it was windy. Sam’s hair was in his mouth.

Then the glitter slowly faded into a genie. Sam was so surprised. Emily was happy and she couldn’t stop smiling.

By Aya

Dojo Points

Well done to this week's Dojo point winners:
Tannah, Aya and Matthew!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

3-D Bag Tags

Today our 3-D bag tags were ready.

We designed the bag tags on Tinkercad, a free online programme.
We had to make a base and put the letters of our name, or another message on. We added a hole so we can attach it to our bag. Some people added shapes to make it more interesting or to reflect their personality.
The base could be a maximum of 100mm long and a minimum of 5mm thick. 
Our designs were then printed on the school's 3-D printer. 

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Eli's Genie Story

The Genie Story
Then they opened it and it glowed and something shot out. 
TJ said, “It’s a genie, it’s a genie.”
“I can grant you 3 wishes.”
“Can you, can you?” said Jake.
“Yes,” said  the genie. “What is your  first wish?” said  the genie.

“Hmm,”said  TJ and Jake. “I know,” said TJ “One trillion dollars and a mansion,”said TJ. “One more wish,” said The genie. “A chocolate fountain,” said Jake.


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Kenny's Genie Story

The Genie

Once on a dark Saturday there was a man called Jack. He went out in the dark. Then he saw a bag. Jack walked towards the bag.

Two hours later a woman wearing a purple T-shirt and white shorts walked towards the bag too.

They both saw the bag, they both opened it.

Five seconds later a purple light just came out. “What was that purple light? It’s hurting my eyes,’’said Jack.

Later, out came a genie. “Look a genie!’’  Later they finished their wishes.They went home and ate dinner, they ate salmon with teriyaki sauce, and rice with broccoli. 
Mmmm, delicious.

By Kenny

Tandia's Genie Story

Unia Jellio The Genie

January 11 Wed: I was on my way to hospital because my friend hurt her leg. Then I saw a bag. Elena saw me and walked over.

*In the hospital* 
“Hey, there’s Johnathon. I’m gonna go talk to him,” said Elena. She walked over to Johnathon.

Johnathon slowly opened the bag. “Oh, hi Elena.” “Hello” “Well what are you waiting for? Open the bag,” said Elena.
“Oh, ok,” said Johnathon.

Kapoof! Suddenly a genie appeared. “Who dare disturb my slumber?” asked the genie. “Woah… I’m Johnathon.” said Johnathon. “I’m Elena,” said Elena. “I am Unia Jellio, how dare you awake me. You will pay.”
“A`tmos exposia amu,” said Unia Jellio and disappeared.

“I feel weird,” said Johnathon. “Same,” said Elena. Johnathon tried to stand but failed. Elena tried to stand as well but also failed suddenly!

“AAAGH!” shouted Elena and Johnathon. They had turned into a handbag.

The End

By Tandia

Maia's Genie Story

Liam's Genie Story

The Bag, The Children and the Oracle

“I’m the Oracle of Delphi!” That’s the Oracle. Hi i'm Harry William. My sister (Carol William) and I found this random bag anyway.
I’m pretty awesome.

“I’ll give you both 40 wishes,” he said.
“Wow! Cool! You mean it?” we said.
I won’t tell you what we said. I will tell you how we found him…

There was once a purple bag with an orange handle. My sister and I walked side by side chatting then we noticed the bag. "Hey sis," I said. “You see that bag?” 
She said, “Nah, wait. Yeah,”

“I’m having a look ,” I said.  
“Me too,” she said.
“Ok,” I said.
“3,2,1,” I said.
At the speed of light something grey, magic and misty came out and said, “I’m the Oracle of Delphi!”

And that is how we found the oracle.

By Liam.

Oliver's Genie Story

The People Who Found a Box

Once upon a time there was a boy named Dan. He was 13.

One day he saw a box so he invited his friend over named Bubblegum. They were both looking at the box. They stared at the box for a long time.

Bubblegum suggested it was empty. After that it exploded like a firework and Bubblegum was right. It was a firework.

By Oliver W

Mark's Genie Story

The Special Genie

Once upon a time there was a red box in a thin alley way.

A boy came along through the alley way and saw the box.

Then a girl came from the other side and saw the box too.

“Let’s open it,” said the boy. So the boy opened it carefully.

Then...POOF! Purple smoke came out and shining sparkles shot out of the red box.

There was a genie with a red scarf over his head.

“You only have three wishes each,” said the genie.

The End

By Mark

Callum's Genie Story

The Mysterious Box

There was a brown box in an empty lit up room with a blue handle on it. But for some reason, they never used this room before.

Today, Suzie’s dad wanted to make this room not to be a secret any more. So he opened the door and he realised the light was on.

Meanwhile, Suzie and her sister were playing ‘I dare you’. So they did rock, paper, scissors and then Suzie lost with disappointment. Then Suzie’s sister dared Suzie to go to the same room that their dad went in. So Suzie took a deep breath hoping she wouldn’t get hurt. When she entered the room, Suzie saw dad, then ran up to him.

Right when Suzie’s dad was going to say hi, the blue handle opened itself then started shooting fireworks. Suzie’s dad and Suzie were worried about what would happen while the fireworks were shooting. Then all of a sudden it stopped.

Suzie and Suzie’s dad were greatly relieved, but then a blue genie with a brown face and a yellow towel rose from the brown box. Suzie’s dad trembled on the ground while sparks were still going. The genie said, “I will grant you three wishes if you bring me outside.” So they granted three wishes which were wealth, wisdom and freedom. Then the genie said, “Now you have to bring me outside, for me to grant your wishes.”

After he said that, the genie sank in the brown box then they shut the blue handle and went outside. Then Suzie and Suzie’s dad looked at each other remembering every single moment. They put down the brown box hoping that the wish would come true.

By Callum          

Cathy's Genie Story

The Deadly Bag That Also Brings  Good Luck

Monday 16 November 2015 12:00 PM
“Hel-!” There was no p. They had vanished. Someone had decided to take the risk. Again. Ok, I’ll start from the beginning. 

Recently, around midnight, a weird bag, coloured red and orange had started appearing every midnight. Rumour had it if you open the bag you are blessed with eternal life or,- actually, no one  lived or came back to tell the tale. There had been gooey, green slime left behind. Scientists are studying it. From all the research, it still seems like an unknown  substance. 

I better stop peeking in the bush at midnight and go to bed. There’ll be trouble waiting for me. Still, I’m just curious. Maybe I’ll ask my friend Tim next midnight? I better get in bed now. Bye!

Tuesday 17 November 2015 12:00 PM
Next midnight, Tim and I snuck out onto the street. Sure enough, it was there. I couldn't let my luck fail me this time.

Tuesday 17 November 2015 12:12 PM
Tim was wearing- “MEOW!” A cat was stuck in the- “WOOF!” A dog too. Carrying on, Tim was wearing brown sneakers, light blue jeans and a t-shirt as blue as the ocean. He took his lasso out-oh, did I mention that Tim was secretly a cowboy? Probably not. 

Anyway, Tim took his lasso out and swung it towards the bag and we pulled the bag towards us and over the goo.

Tuesday 17 November 2015 12:25 PM
I was more curious than ever. Luck, luck and more luck. That was all I wanted for this moment. I trembled like jelly. My shoes felt old and rusty like wood soaked in water for three days. It was time.

Tuesday 17 November 2015 12:39 PM
“Here goes nothin-WHAT?” Our clothes had changed colour as soon as Tim touched it. Now all there was left to do was to open it. It was tense. I knew this was a moment of fear. Also a moment of excitement. Tim knelt down to open the bag……..

Tuesday 17 November 2015 12:45 PM
Poof! Mist surrounded us. Our clothes turn normal now? Whatever. The fog cleared…..YAY! Before us there stood the genie of eternal life! We had done it!

Wednesday 18 November 2015 1:00 AM
Ding! The clock struck one. It was past midnight. The mysterious bag faded away. There was a fading echo. “You have been given the gift of eternal life….Life … life.” The bag was never seen again. In the real world at least,  but I always had eternal adventures in my dreams.

By Cathy

Bailey's Genie Story

The Evil Genie

There was once a girl named Samantha (Sam for short) who was walking to the dairy to get some milk, as usual. 
She saw a type of purse. Sam thought it may be some kind of a trick.

Meanwhile there was a boy, (obviously his favourite colour was green because he was wearing all green). Anyway, this boy's name was Jared. Jared was walking towards the same purse but from the opposite side.

Just when Sam and Jared knelt down to have a closer look at the purse, the purse sprayed out with sparkles and glitter and stars. Sam was so impressed, so was Jared. They thought it was a happy tornado.

Suddenly fuji fuji fling fling!  A genie appeared and said, “ You have awoken me from my sleep. Now you will so totally paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

Jared had quickly shut the purse and the genie went flying in. Jared said, “ I'm out of here.”
“Me too,” said Sam.

The purse  remains wondering who it's next victim will be.

By Bailey

Connie's Genie Story

Genie Pants!

“Hmm…, what’s that?” asked  George. 
As he walked closer he  spotted  Georgia, his sister. As she sashayed closer, he noticed the bag was shining bright, colourful  neon

After the weird bag of colourful neon lights a chill went down his spine because he thought it could capture poor innocent children and the boss of the monsters would eat the children in a kido-cake.

“Hey, 'sup. What's that?" asked Georgia. “Nothing,” said George. Then Georgia started stuffing George with questions. “Please tell meeee, where did you find it?  What's inside it?  Who gave it to you?  Did you buy it?  If you did buy it where did you buy it?”
Then George totally lost it and said, “NO! JUST GO AWAY!”

“Hmp, see if I care!” grumbled Georgia. Then an idea zapped into George’s brain. Faster than a blink he screamed, “AHHHH HAAAA! I will open it!” As Georgia stared blankly at the bag and George, something unusual happened…

A ZAP, PING and a big fat POW in a flash of light that was turning dark, neon and light purple in seconds! After the light came, confetti came sprinkling out of the sky.  “AHHHH, my eyes are BURNING!” screamed the children. But it wasn’t finished yet. Then instantly, purple sparks started bursting out of the bag, zipping here and there. Then a figure formed slowly…
A genie appeared then took a glance at the children and zapped back inside.


By Connie!

Oliver's Genie Story

  The Lucky Genie

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Zack. He was walking down to the corner store for some milk.

When suddenly, flash, there was a strange light.  It said  in a scratchy voice, “Come here Jack, come here.”

Then Jack went  to have a look. Then he saw a box with yellow stars. It was made of leather.

(Hmmmmmm). “Should I open it?”said Jack. But Jack was courageous so he opened it.

FLASH! Some light came out of the box. Zack was amazed. Out of the box came a genie. It said… “You have 3 wishes.”

Just before Zack did his wish he remembered the movie Aladdin where a genie's number one wish was to be free.

Then Jack said, “I wish for you to be free.”
“Your wish is my command.”  Flash! The genie was nowhere to be seen. Then Jack closed the box and ran home to tell his family.
Lamp, Lantern, Oil, Genie, by Oliver firework | by kevin dooley


Dojo Points

Well done to this week's Dojo point winners:

Jacob An, Tannah and Callum!

Edith's Genie Story

The Mysterious Bagbirthday watermelon shark.
Once upon a Wednesday back in 2014 there was a magical bag that could summon anything it wanted to. It sparkled and  shone like a diamond in the sun. Plonk! Out of nowhere a shark watermelon appeared. Plop! Out came a pineapple. As you can see it was a very strange bag.  

It was a sunny day. Joshua spotted the magical, aqua bag. He slowly approached it. He was nervous. He could hear his heart beating. Thump! Thump! Thump!
He felt a cold shiver down his spine.

Then he saw Morgan, one of his classmates. "Hi Morgan," he whispered. “Why are you so nervous?” she asked. “Th-the, the bag,” he answered. “You're scared of it! I want that as my new bag! It’s Awesome!” she said excitedly. Well, let's open it and take everything out.” he said

They slowly opened the bag. It was shining even brighter and brighter and BRIGHTER! “Well, there's nothing in there,” Morgan said disappointedly.  Then…

BANG!  Out shot a purple flame with sparks everywhere. Just like bright, colourful fireworks on Guy Fawkes. “AHHHHHHHHHHH! My eyes!” screamed Morgan. “Don’t look at it!”shouted Joshua. “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” They both screeched. The purple flame started to form something. Something like a person?!?!?!?

They they realized it was a GENIE! “WOW!” said Morgan in surprise. “Wasn’t expecting that,” said Joshua in amazement.”
“At least we get free wishes,” said Morgan “Yeah,” said Joshua.

The End

By Edith