Saturday, 21 March 2015

Jesse's Recount

Swapping My Cards
Yesterday (15th March, Sunday) afternoon at 1 o’clock I just finished lunch and went somewhere. I grabbed my super animals sound card book and hopped into my mum’s brown car. I always get dizzy in that car. I was going to Countdown but not for shopping, for swapping cards.
There were lots of people swapping their cards. I swapped my double-ups and treble-ups and fourth ups and five ups! I had so many doubles I hardly had a completed page.

My mum saw people had lists of card numbers they didn’t have so she made a list too. She crossed off all the cards numbers we had. At last there was only one missing card: 21, the Chours-Frog. Hardly anyone had that double. At the end a woman gave me that card.

Now I have the whole collection! I went home happy.

By Jesse

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Basic Facts average

Great job Room 8.  Your class average for the basic facts test was 82.

Dojo Points

Well done to this week's Dojo point winners:
Eli and Cathy!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Morgan's Recount

My Weekend
Yesterday I went to Rebel Sports with my annoying brother and sister and my mum and dad.

My brother needed some new rugby boots because his last year’s boots don’t fit and my mum bought some last year and they are too big.

Then my dad wanted some more shirts so he brought some and he was so close from buying me a boogie board.

It turns  out my brother got two pairs of boots and my dad got six shirts and my mum and sister got some shoes and I got nothing.

When we got home my nana called and asked if I wanted to go to my cousins house to swim in their pool and I did.

In their pool they they have a fast swim or something like that so I got to swim against it. It made me way better at swimming.

By Morgan

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Edith's Recount

Lunch with Jim!
Yesterday my mum, sister and I had lunch with Jim (my sister’s swimming coach).

My sister and I both had fish & chips with coleslaw and half a pancake each.  My favourite was the delicious pancake with amazing French Cream and perfectly cooked bacon.  

We also had lunch with my sister’s friends.  Natasha, Alisa, Charlotte, Me, Lyiric, Maria, Yana and my sister.  Jim gave this DRAMATIC speech.  Max and Steve gave him a wooden award with a golden badge and a gift card.  And after that we played on Maria’s Ipad, Yana’s Instagram and Facebook and Oliver’s Instagram.

I really liked having lunch with my sister’s friends.  

By Edith

Title Page

Students designed a title page for their topic book. They had to include the word Topic, a border and some patterns or illustrations.
Here is a selection of pages that students wanted to show.

Topic Book Title Pages on PhotoPeach

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Swimming Carnival

It was the 27 February, the day of the swimming carnival.

First we had to line up in our swimming groups and then go to the pool and sit down in groups. Once it was time for my group to swim I wished I was not there.

We had to swim freestyle, backstroke and I don’t know the name but you hold a board with one hand and you keep your head on your arm.

After waiting for a long time and coming 1st and 2nd  in my races and shivering for a long time it was lunch! Luckily my mum came with some lunch for me. She came with my nana to watch me swimming in my races.

When they left, that’s when the thunder and lightning started.

By Morgan

Swimming Carnival

Swimming Carnival

On Friday 27th February we had our Middle School Swimming Carnival. My group was E2. The whole class went except some people who were away.

We sat by the pool in the shelter with our group letter in front. Some people chatted while the A and B group did freestyle and backstroke across the pool, with the parents watching at the other side of the pool cheering to their children swimming.

Then our group went when my grandpa was chatting. We blew bubbles across the pool. My grandpa was chatting and missed the event.  The second and third event  was fluterboarding and pushing the plastic ball with our  nose
once the teacher snaps the clapper. The clapper was  two pieces  of wood joined together that snaps. BANG!

By Jesse

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Swimming Carnival

On Friday 27 February Sunnyhills had a Swimming Carnival.

First we had to get changed into our togs. (FYI it was sunny) Then the bell rang. I rushed to my number on the concrete. I was B4. The ground was piping hot so I sat on my  towel then they took us to our place in the swimming grounds.

Straight in front of me I saw a clear blue pool and parents with cheerful faces. After that it was my group. I was freaking out. We did freestyle. I came first which made me more confident. Bailey was in my group but  there was only 2 B3’s so she was in that group. I was really cold but I warmed up!

After a while we did back stroke. I heard the clapper go and then I zoomed down the pool and I went a bit wonky but I only came second so that was a relief!

Last was a weird one but I enjoyed it. We had to kick and with one hand we used the flutter board and for 3 seconds we were under and for 3 we were above. I came last :(

Finally, Mrs Venville gave a little speech to the parents and we were off. I had a great day at Swimming Sports.

By Tannah

Swimming Carnival

On the 27th of February was the swimming carnival with the Middle School syndicate at the Sunnyhills swimming pool. We lined up with excitement and some students were nervous while the audience was waiting.

There were 3 events for B group (by the way I’m B group) and the 1st event was free style, the 2nd event was swimming on your back with a flutter board, and the last event was swimming with one arm with a flutter board.

It was great fun. I was 1st, last and then 2nd. It was fun and I think the audience enjoyed it as well.

By Callum
The class average for this week's basic facts test was 75.
Well done to this weeks Dojo point winners:
Jesse, Aya, Tannah and Callum!