Thursday, 19 November 2015

Tandia's Genie Story

Unia Jellio The Genie

January 11 Wed: I was on my way to hospital because my friend hurt her leg. Then I saw a bag. Elena saw me and walked over.

*In the hospital* 
“Hey, there’s Johnathon. I’m gonna go talk to him,” said Elena. She walked over to Johnathon.

Johnathon slowly opened the bag. “Oh, hi Elena.” “Hello” “Well what are you waiting for? Open the bag,” said Elena.
“Oh, ok,” said Johnathon.

Kapoof! Suddenly a genie appeared. “Who dare disturb my slumber?” asked the genie. “Woah… I’m Johnathon.” said Johnathon. “I’m Elena,” said Elena. “I am Unia Jellio, how dare you awake me. You will pay.”
“A`tmos exposia amu,” said Unia Jellio and disappeared.

“I feel weird,” said Johnathon. “Same,” said Elena. Johnathon tried to stand but failed. Elena tried to stand as well but also failed suddenly!

“AAAGH!” shouted Elena and Johnathon. They had turned into a handbag.

The End

By Tandia

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