Thursday, 19 November 2015

Callum's Genie Story

The Mysterious Box

There was a brown box in an empty lit up room with a blue handle on it. But for some reason, they never used this room before.

Today, Suzie’s dad wanted to make this room not to be a secret any more. So he opened the door and he realised the light was on.

Meanwhile, Suzie and her sister were playing ‘I dare you’. So they did rock, paper, scissors and then Suzie lost with disappointment. Then Suzie’s sister dared Suzie to go to the same room that their dad went in. So Suzie took a deep breath hoping she wouldn’t get hurt. When she entered the room, Suzie saw dad, then ran up to him.

Right when Suzie’s dad was going to say hi, the blue handle opened itself then started shooting fireworks. Suzie’s dad and Suzie were worried about what would happen while the fireworks were shooting. Then all of a sudden it stopped.

Suzie and Suzie’s dad were greatly relieved, but then a blue genie with a brown face and a yellow towel rose from the brown box. Suzie’s dad trembled on the ground while sparks were still going. The genie said, “I will grant you three wishes if you bring me outside.” So they granted three wishes which were wealth, wisdom and freedom. Then the genie said, “Now you have to bring me outside, for me to grant your wishes.”

After he said that, the genie sank in the brown box then they shut the blue handle and went outside. Then Suzie and Suzie’s dad looked at each other remembering every single moment. They put down the brown box hoping that the wish would come true.

By Callum          

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