Thursday, 19 November 2015

Bailey's Genie Story

The Evil Genie

There was once a girl named Samantha (Sam for short) who was walking to the dairy to get some milk, as usual. 
She saw a type of purse. Sam thought it may be some kind of a trick.

Meanwhile there was a boy, (obviously his favourite colour was green because he was wearing all green). Anyway, this boy's name was Jared. Jared was walking towards the same purse but from the opposite side.

Just when Sam and Jared knelt down to have a closer look at the purse, the purse sprayed out with sparkles and glitter and stars. Sam was so impressed, so was Jared. They thought it was a happy tornado.

Suddenly fuji fuji fling fling!  A genie appeared and said, “ You have awoken me from my sleep. Now you will so totally paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

Jared had quickly shut the purse and the genie went flying in. Jared said, “ I'm out of here.”
“Me too,” said Sam.

The purse  remains wondering who it's next victim will be.

By Bailey

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