Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bailey's Millennium Recount

The 4 Wonders on Monday!

Room 8 went to the spectacular AUT Millennium center on Monday the 23 of March in Mairangi bay.

Mr Tucker took Room 8 to the bus and it was very loud. It took about 9 minutes to get there. There were HEAPS of kids! It was very interesting. When we got there we did 3 water activities and a couple of team building games.

When we got there we all had morning tea. I had some crackers. All the food in peoples' lunch box’s smelt delicious. Some ladies came out and told us what activity we were doing.

My groups first activity was team building. We had to do a game in a group. Our instructor split us into group 1 and 2. I was in group 1. I don't know what our game was called but we all had to hold hands and get a hula hoop back to the starting place without letting our hands go. Our next activity, well I don't know what that was called either, but we used little pipes and all the way to the end you had to get a tennis ball into a bucket without dropping it. Our next activity was parachute. We lifted it up, went under it, and sat on the side to make a tent. I enjoyed team building.

We walked to snorkeling because that was our next activity. We listened to Rachel (our instructor) say put on a life jacket, snorkel and mask, then you can hop in the pool safely. When I got in the water it was cold. I stated snorkeling. When I came back Rachel said I was ready to take my life jacket off. I got up onto the side and unclipped my clips. Soon I was back in the water with a smile on my face! About 2 minutes later Rachel called out and said, “It's time to come out now!” When I hopped out I took my life jacket, mask and snorkel off and Mr Tucker lead us to lunch.

When we had lunch Morgan and I went up the stairs and choose a seat. From our seat we could see the snorkeling pool! It looked so small! I just wanted to jump in again.

Next it was kayaking. Once we put on a life jacket it was time for paddle practise. Our instructor told us to hold our paddle up straight so it didn't hit anyone while we went round the corner (on the ground, not in the water). She showed us how to use a paddle in the water. Then it was time to capsize. If you don't know what capsizing is - it is when you tip the kayak over by tipping it. I got to demonstrate it! Then we all went out and got to show Mr Tucker our skills.

Last was water safety. We put on a life jacket and went to the middle of the pool and did a huddle. The other group got in a blow up boat and sat on the side. Then fell backwards off the sides. Then it was my groups turn.

At last our day was over. I was a bit sad to go home - but excited to see my mum and tell her all about my amazing day! I can't wait to visit the Millennium Center again!

By Bailey

Tannah's Millennium Recount

Wet Wonders at the Millennium Centre!

I flew out of bed. “Yay,” today was the Millenium trip. I woke up later than usual so I was in an exciting mode. Rm 8 was going to participate in 4 amazing activities!

I got to School. Everyone was talking and shouting. We did the roll. Then finally we got to meet our groups, “I've got one of the best groups,” I laughed. We got to meet the parent who was going to look after us. “This is going to be the best trip ever,” I whispered to myself.

We finally got to the bus. I was sitting next to Morgan and Edith. The Millenium was in the North Shore so it took awhile. Morgan was talking non-stop. I asked, “Do want play chopsticks?”. Morgan won nearly all the games.

After that we halted to a stop, hopped out of the bus and were lining up. Julie, our amazing instructor said an awesome speech. Julie said, “You may have a little snack.” I had a cherry tomato but that was it. Edith and Morgan were chatting with me until we had to go to our activity.

“Sit down everyone,” our instructor shouted. “Time for team building!” we were all excited. “First I will split you into 2 groups.” I was in a really athletic team. We had to hold hands and try and get the hoop around the circle beating the other team. We only won once:(

Next was the pipe game. “Woohoo,” I said to myself. It was really tricky! You had to all have a pipe and then try and get a tennis ball to the other side in a bucket. I thought is was five meters away but it wasn't that far away. We did not win any of the rounds. I was really frustrated!

Finally we had to get changed for Snorkeling. It wasn’t really getting changed, more like taking off your clothes and heading out the door. Don’t worry, we had our togs underneath. I had to wait for my friends because I did NOT want to be walking around alone.

“Snorkeling,’’ we all cheered. Rachel our other instructor introduced herself. She had an interesting job. Half the year she was teaching how to snorkel on boats and the other half she was at the Millenium Centre! Then our group was ready for our Mask and Snorkel but we had to put on our life jacket on first. “Yay,” we all said. We were in the pool swimming, swimming and swimming. I asked Rachel if I could take my life jacket off. “Sure,” Rachel replied.  Then I dived under hoops and was snorkeling through the blue clear water.

“Lunch,” I squealed. “Yum yum,” Morgan said with delight. First I ate my sandwich, then the rest. We could not stop talking until the teachers said, “ Quiet!”

After that our group did the fun Kayaking activity. Our instructor made us put on a life jacket. “Paddle practice.” Our awesome instructor showed us loads of things like how to paddle forward and backwards how to stop and how to turn. Finally my favourite, capsizing. We only got to do it once :(. We all rocked the Kayak until, “Splash,” we would tumble into the water. Finally we were all in our kayak the helpers pushed us in and we were paddling around the pool for ages. “This is so fun,” I said. Kayaking was one of my favourites.

“Stand up everyone,Julie said come get your life jackets.” We all got them and were waiting quietly. “Time to learn the huddle. The smallest person, Jesse, had to go in the middle of the tight circle the rest of us went around him holding the waist. Then we did the chain rescue. You had to rescue someone in the chain by holding their waist and kicking to the side on your back. Finally were doing the boat thing. We basically fell off the edge of the boat. It was really fun!  After that we did the jumping off the side of the diving place. It was amazing. We got to do it five times but we had to go.

After getting changed the teachers had a boring talk about loads of things then people lost things. “C’mon,” I said

The bus ride ride was tiring because there were bumps and then it was slow and then people were shouting and talking. The bus was horrid. I did not want to talk, I did not want to shout, I wanted to go HOME!

Finally we got home to school. Then the bell rang and then we were out the door!              

By Tannah

Callum's Millennium Recount

The Fantastic Monday
“Yes,” it was Monday 23 of March, I was so excited. I woke up and quickly changed then off Room 8 went to the Millennium Centre!

But before that I was sitting in the bus with Lance. While we were waiting to go to the Millennium Centre we were playing a game called ‘Who Am I’ and we played that a couple of times, then we were parked at the Millenium Centre.

First we did snorkeling with Rachel. Our group put on a life jacket then our mask then we went in the water. When we dunked our heads into the water we had to breathe from our mouth. Then we were swimming on the surface. I felt like Aqua Man.

Next we did team building. It was an outside activity so we had changed into our normal clothes. In our first game we had to join our hands into a circle, we put a hula hoop in between our hands and then we had to try to get it around without letting our hands go. We almost won.

The 2nd game had to do with some gutters and a tennis ball. There were two teams and two buckets and we had to get the tennis ball in the basket by placing the gutter in a line and the tennis ball. None of us won.

Then we ate lunch. It was a good lunch because I had good food.

Later on, our group changed back to our togs then we put on our life jackets again and we learnt how to save someone by holding a floating object. After our group learnt how to save a person while they were drowning, we fell off a boat and we learnt how to get back into the boat if there was trouble.  Then we huddled in the water so we stayed warm. It was awkward. 5 minutes later Tandia swam away from us so we had to chase her.

The last activity was kayaking. First our group learnt how to paddle left, right, up, down and backwards. Next we capsised.To capsise you had to wiggle the kayak then eventullay you would fall off. The last thing our group did was paddle around a circle. 10 minutes later I fell out off the boat. But luckily Mr Tucker poured all the water out.

I enjoyed the Millenium Centre and the 4 activities we did.
But the best activity for me was kayaking.

By Callum

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Mark's Millennium Recount

On Monday the 23 of March Room 8 went to the Millennium center in Mairangi Bay. We went to the four activities. They were kayaking, snorkeling, team building and water safety.

Team Building
The first activity was Team Building. The thing we did for team building was called trying to get the ball into the buckets with the pipes. The other activity was the parachute and we tried to make a tent out of the parachute.

For snorkeling we put our masks and life jackets on. Next we went in the water to practice swimming with the masks on. The director said, “When you get better you can take off your lifejacket.” And after all those things we had some lunch.

After that we did some more activities. The first thing was kayaking. The thing that we did for kayaking was practising how to use the paddles. Next we practised how to tip the kayak over. We started riding on our kayaks. I went fast.

The fourth activity with my group was water safety. We first went on the boat. We put on our life jackets so we would float. We did some more practise of the paddles.

After all the things we did, we went back to the bus. My favourite activity was kayaking because I like kayaking. It’s the best. “Weee!” We went on the bus.

Finally we were at school. We went in our class and back out and we went back home.

By Mark

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Gabriel's Millennium Recount

My Slippery Trip

I fell out of my bed in the morning. I never noticed until I woke up and found I was lying on the floor. My brother was poking me on my back.  Then I scared him. On Monday 23 March this all happened in my new bedroom.

The first activity was team building.

We did parachute half pipe with a tennis ball and a game where we had to get a hoop over your head in a fast time. We won.

The snorkeling was the second activity.
We put on a life jacket and then the snorkels and then we held on the side and kicked.  Then some people got to take their life jackets off.

The third thing was kayaking.

The first thing we did at kayaking was to get a life jacket on. Then we got a paddle and we practised.

The last activity was water safety.

We had to get a partner.  Someone had to swim out to where the cone was. Then the other person had to go and get the first person, then we had to take the partner back.

We then we got into teams. The first team did the huddle.

The second team did the boat thing.
The second team was my team.
Then that was the end of our trip.
We had to get changed and then sit down.

Then we lined up and got in the bus and went back to school.
by Gabriel

Tandia's Millennium Recount

The A.U.T Millennium Trip!

"Yaaay!" I woke up screaming. Mum shouted at me so I got dressed into my uniform and Chloe and Dylan woke up and also got dressed. Then we hit the road for school.
When I got there the bell rang so I rushed down to the mat and sat next to Liam, Lance and Connor. Mia called the roll. When she was done Mr Tucker took us to tree island for a photo because Alan was going to China. After that we left on the bus heading for the A.U.T Millennium Center.
Finally, we were at the A.U.T Millennium Center. We got in a line and sat down. Mrs Paul told us to have some morning tea so I had my chocy chocolate biscuit. Yum.
First we went to snorkeling. We got a mask and snorkel on and we had an instructor helping us. A few minutes later our instructor told us to get in the water and practice snorkeling. Before that we put a life jacket on but I took mine off. Suddenly we were free swimming. There was a hoop under the water and I went for it. Yay, I got through. After all the swimming we got changed.
Once we were changed our next instructor for team building came. On the way outside we went through a gym and our instructor said, “Look guys, champions come here.” O.M.G. was I going to see Valerie Adams? Well actually I didn't. We were outside now on a racetrack. The first game was with hoops. It was CRAY CRAY. Next we did ball in the pipe. It was so fun but we didn't get the ball in the bucket in time so we moved on. We were doing the parachute. We were making an igloo out of it. It was really fun.
Soon it was lunchtime. I had yummy cucumber and a gross marmite sandwich. Ewww! When I was finished I had to wait for everyone else. I had to wait for a long time until Mr Tucker said, “Time to do our next activity.”
We got dressed in our togs for water safety. First our instructor Julie came and told us what to do. I got on a boat and fell in the water. After that we switched to huddling. My group huddled around me.
Finally my group moved to do kayaking. First we learnt how to use the paddles. After, we did capsizing then free kayaking. it was so much fun.
Then we got dressed and left to go on the bus back to school.

Bye!             by: Tandia!

Anzac Talk

Today Bailey's Granddad and auntie Jess came to talk to our class.
Auntie Jess talked about her trip to Gallipoli in Turkey and showed us some photos.
Granddad showed us his granddad's commendation certificate from the New Zealand prime minister after he was awarded a bravery medal in the first world war.

ANZAC Talk on PhotoPeach

Dojo Points

Well done to this week's Dojo point winners:
Callum, Maia and Matthew!