Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Tannah's Millennium Recount

Wet Wonders at the Millennium Centre!

I flew out of bed. “Yay,” today was the Millenium trip. I woke up later than usual so I was in an exciting mode. Rm 8 was going to participate in 4 amazing activities!

I got to School. Everyone was talking and shouting. We did the roll. Then finally we got to meet our groups, “I've got one of the best groups,” I laughed. We got to meet the parent who was going to look after us. “This is going to be the best trip ever,” I whispered to myself.

We finally got to the bus. I was sitting next to Morgan and Edith. The Millenium was in the North Shore so it took awhile. Morgan was talking non-stop. I asked, “Do want play chopsticks?”. Morgan won nearly all the games.

After that we halted to a stop, hopped out of the bus and were lining up. Julie, our amazing instructor said an awesome speech. Julie said, “You may have a little snack.” I had a cherry tomato but that was it. Edith and Morgan were chatting with me until we had to go to our activity.

“Sit down everyone,” our instructor shouted. “Time for team building!” we were all excited. “First I will split you into 2 groups.” I was in a really athletic team. We had to hold hands and try and get the hoop around the circle beating the other team. We only won once:(

Next was the pipe game. “Woohoo,” I said to myself. It was really tricky! You had to all have a pipe and then try and get a tennis ball to the other side in a bucket. I thought is was five meters away but it wasn't that far away. We did not win any of the rounds. I was really frustrated!

Finally we had to get changed for Snorkeling. It wasn’t really getting changed, more like taking off your clothes and heading out the door. Don’t worry, we had our togs underneath. I had to wait for my friends because I did NOT want to be walking around alone.

“Snorkeling,’’ we all cheered. Rachel our other instructor introduced herself. She had an interesting job. Half the year she was teaching how to snorkel on boats and the other half she was at the Millenium Centre! Then our group was ready for our Mask and Snorkel but we had to put on our life jacket on first. “Yay,” we all said. We were in the pool swimming, swimming and swimming. I asked Rachel if I could take my life jacket off. “Sure,” Rachel replied.  Then I dived under hoops and was snorkeling through the blue clear water.

“Lunch,” I squealed. “Yum yum,” Morgan said with delight. First I ate my sandwich, then the rest. We could not stop talking until the teachers said, “ Quiet!”

After that our group did the fun Kayaking activity. Our instructor made us put on a life jacket. “Paddle practice.” Our awesome instructor showed us loads of things like how to paddle forward and backwards how to stop and how to turn. Finally my favourite, capsizing. We only got to do it once :(. We all rocked the Kayak until, “Splash,” we would tumble into the water. Finally we were all in our kayak the helpers pushed us in and we were paddling around the pool for ages. “This is so fun,” I said. Kayaking was one of my favourites.

“Stand up everyone,Julie said come get your life jackets.” We all got them and were waiting quietly. “Time to learn the huddle. The smallest person, Jesse, had to go in the middle of the tight circle the rest of us went around him holding the waist. Then we did the chain rescue. You had to rescue someone in the chain by holding their waist and kicking to the side on your back. Finally were doing the boat thing. We basically fell off the edge of the boat. It was really fun!  After that we did the jumping off the side of the diving place. It was amazing. We got to do it five times but we had to go.

After getting changed the teachers had a boring talk about loads of things then people lost things. “C’mon,” I said

The bus ride ride was tiring because there were bumps and then it was slow and then people were shouting and talking. The bus was horrid. I did not want to talk, I did not want to shout, I wanted to go HOME!

Finally we got home to school. Then the bell rang and then we were out the door!              

By Tannah


  1. Now that was a great recount you wrote!

  2. great recount!:) #Super Tannah