Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Callum's Millennium Recount

The Fantastic Monday
“Yes,” it was Monday 23 of March, I was so excited. I woke up and quickly changed then off Room 8 went to the Millennium Centre!

But before that I was sitting in the bus with Lance. While we were waiting to go to the Millennium Centre we were playing a game called ‘Who Am I’ and we played that a couple of times, then we were parked at the Millenium Centre.

First we did snorkeling with Rachel. Our group put on a life jacket then our mask then we went in the water. When we dunked our heads into the water we had to breathe from our mouth. Then we were swimming on the surface. I felt like Aqua Man.

Next we did team building. It was an outside activity so we had changed into our normal clothes. In our first game we had to join our hands into a circle, we put a hula hoop in between our hands and then we had to try to get it around without letting our hands go. We almost won.

The 2nd game had to do with some gutters and a tennis ball. There were two teams and two buckets and we had to get the tennis ball in the basket by placing the gutter in a line and the tennis ball. None of us won.

Then we ate lunch. It was a good lunch because I had good food.

Later on, our group changed back to our togs then we put on our life jackets again and we learnt how to save someone by holding a floating object. After our group learnt how to save a person while they were drowning, we fell off a boat and we learnt how to get back into the boat if there was trouble.  Then we huddled in the water so we stayed warm. It was awkward. 5 minutes later Tandia swam away from us so we had to chase her.

The last activity was kayaking. First our group learnt how to paddle left, right, up, down and backwards. Next we capsised.To capsise you had to wiggle the kayak then eventullay you would fall off. The last thing our group did was paddle around a circle. 10 minutes later I fell out off the boat. But luckily Mr Tucker poured all the water out.

I enjoyed the Millenium Centre and the 4 activities we did.
But the best activity for me was kayaking.

By Callum

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  1. I wish i could have been there to see your fantastic trip!