Thursday, 23 April 2015

Gabriel's Millennium Recount

My Slippery Trip

I fell out of my bed in the morning. I never noticed until I woke up and found I was lying on the floor. My brother was poking me on my back.  Then I scared him. On Monday 23 March this all happened in my new bedroom.

The first activity was team building.

We did parachute half pipe with a tennis ball and a game where we had to get a hoop over your head in a fast time. We won.

The snorkeling was the second activity.
We put on a life jacket and then the snorkels and then we held on the side and kicked.  Then some people got to take their life jackets off.

The third thing was kayaking.

The first thing we did at kayaking was to get a life jacket on. Then we got a paddle and we practised.

The last activity was water safety.

We had to get a partner.  Someone had to swim out to where the cone was. Then the other person had to go and get the first person, then we had to take the partner back.

We then we got into teams. The first team did the huddle.

The second team did the boat thing.
The second team was my team.
Then that was the end of our trip.
We had to get changed and then sit down.

Then we lined up and got in the bus and went back to school.
by Gabriel

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