Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bailey's Millennium Recount

The 4 Wonders on Monday!

Room 8 went to the spectacular AUT Millennium center on Monday the 23 of March in Mairangi bay.

Mr Tucker took Room 8 to the bus and it was very loud. It took about 9 minutes to get there. There were HEAPS of kids! It was very interesting. When we got there we did 3 water activities and a couple of team building games.

When we got there we all had morning tea. I had some crackers. All the food in peoples' lunch box’s smelt delicious. Some ladies came out and told us what activity we were doing.

My groups first activity was team building. We had to do a game in a group. Our instructor split us into group 1 and 2. I was in group 1. I don't know what our game was called but we all had to hold hands and get a hula hoop back to the starting place without letting our hands go. Our next activity, well I don't know what that was called either, but we used little pipes and all the way to the end you had to get a tennis ball into a bucket without dropping it. Our next activity was parachute. We lifted it up, went under it, and sat on the side to make a tent. I enjoyed team building.

We walked to snorkeling because that was our next activity. We listened to Rachel (our instructor) say put on a life jacket, snorkel and mask, then you can hop in the pool safely. When I got in the water it was cold. I stated snorkeling. When I came back Rachel said I was ready to take my life jacket off. I got up onto the side and unclipped my clips. Soon I was back in the water with a smile on my face! About 2 minutes later Rachel called out and said, “It's time to come out now!” When I hopped out I took my life jacket, mask and snorkel off and Mr Tucker lead us to lunch.

When we had lunch Morgan and I went up the stairs and choose a seat. From our seat we could see the snorkeling pool! It looked so small! I just wanted to jump in again.

Next it was kayaking. Once we put on a life jacket it was time for paddle practise. Our instructor told us to hold our paddle up straight so it didn't hit anyone while we went round the corner (on the ground, not in the water). She showed us how to use a paddle in the water. Then it was time to capsize. If you don't know what capsizing is - it is when you tip the kayak over by tipping it. I got to demonstrate it! Then we all went out and got to show Mr Tucker our skills.

Last was water safety. We put on a life jacket and went to the middle of the pool and did a huddle. The other group got in a blow up boat and sat on the side. Then fell backwards off the sides. Then it was my groups turn.

At last our day was over. I was a bit sad to go home - but excited to see my mum and tell her all about my amazing day! I can't wait to visit the Millennium Center again!

By Bailey


  1. I couldn't of written it better myself!

  2. What a fantastic recount Bailey. Sounds like you had a great day!