Thursday, 23 April 2015

Tandia's Millennium Recount

The A.U.T Millennium Trip!

"Yaaay!" I woke up screaming. Mum shouted at me so I got dressed into my uniform and Chloe and Dylan woke up and also got dressed. Then we hit the road for school.
When I got there the bell rang so I rushed down to the mat and sat next to Liam, Lance and Connor. Mia called the roll. When she was done Mr Tucker took us to tree island for a photo because Alan was going to China. After that we left on the bus heading for the A.U.T Millennium Center.
Finally, we were at the A.U.T Millennium Center. We got in a line and sat down. Mrs Paul told us to have some morning tea so I had my chocy chocolate biscuit. Yum.
First we went to snorkeling. We got a mask and snorkel on and we had an instructor helping us. A few minutes later our instructor told us to get in the water and practice snorkeling. Before that we put a life jacket on but I took mine off. Suddenly we were free swimming. There was a hoop under the water and I went for it. Yay, I got through. After all the swimming we got changed.
Once we were changed our next instructor for team building came. On the way outside we went through a gym and our instructor said, “Look guys, champions come here.” O.M.G. was I going to see Valerie Adams? Well actually I didn't. We were outside now on a racetrack. The first game was with hoops. It was CRAY CRAY. Next we did ball in the pipe. It was so fun but we didn't get the ball in the bucket in time so we moved on. We were doing the parachute. We were making an igloo out of it. It was really fun.
Soon it was lunchtime. I had yummy cucumber and a gross marmite sandwich. Ewww! When I was finished I had to wait for everyone else. I had to wait for a long time until Mr Tucker said, “Time to do our next activity.”
We got dressed in our togs for water safety. First our instructor Julie came and told us what to do. I got on a boat and fell in the water. After that we switched to huddling. My group huddled around me.
Finally my group moved to do kayaking. First we learnt how to use the paddles. After, we did capsizing then free kayaking. it was so much fun.
Then we got dressed and left to go on the bus back to school.

Bye!             by: Tandia!


  1. It sounds like you had an amazing time at the millenium centre!

  2. OMG! that was so long Tandia, I had to have a drink through the middle of it - it really does sound like you had a great time.What was your favourite part? From Bailey :)