Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Mark's Millennium Recount

On Monday the 23 of March Room 8 went to the Millennium center in Mairangi Bay. We went to the four activities. They were kayaking, snorkeling, team building and water safety.

Team Building
The first activity was Team Building. The thing we did for team building was called trying to get the ball into the buckets with the pipes. The other activity was the parachute and we tried to make a tent out of the parachute.

For snorkeling we put our masks and life jackets on. Next we went in the water to practice swimming with the masks on. The director said, “When you get better you can take off your lifejacket.” And after all those things we had some lunch.

After that we did some more activities. The first thing was kayaking. The thing that we did for kayaking was practising how to use the paddles. Next we practised how to tip the kayak over. We started riding on our kayaks. I went fast.

The fourth activity with my group was water safety. We first went on the boat. We put on our life jackets so we would float. We did some more practise of the paddles.

After all the things we did, we went back to the bus. My favourite activity was kayaking because I like kayaking. It’s the best. “Weee!” We went on the bus.

Finally we were at school. We went in our class and back out and we went back home.

By Mark

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  1. COOL! Sounds like a fun trip to me