Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Jesse's Narrative

I’m High
  Once upon a time there was a dog. One day, a chicken flew into the backyard when it was lunchtime. He landed on the pink plastic chair.
 “Lunchtime! Dog!” called the dog’s owner. As soon as the words floated into the backyard Dog started zooming for the house.  
   “I’m high! Ha ha!” called the chicken on the chair. Dog stopped to look. Dog stopped so fast he blew chicken off the chair. Chicken           fell 
   Chicken sat on the gate this time. “I’m h…” Bang! Dog’s leg hit the gate. The gate swung chicken off. Crash!
    “I’m high, h…” Chicken was on the den when he accidently stood on a nail. Ouch!!!!!!!!
               off. Boink.  
   Chicken was on the roof this time. “Yap, yap, yap!” went the dog. He was rushing for his lunch. Chicken didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to fall off the edge. But he was so worried about falling off the edge he fell into the chimney instead. Thump!
   Meanwhile, the dog was having lunch. The chicken in the chimney started to cry.
He never, ever teased people again.
    The day after chicken learnt his lesson, the dog and the chicken became best friends.
The End

By Jesse

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