Monday, 29 June 2015

Quite A Long Trip

The Very Very Very Long Journey

This story includes…
Bat Man
as usual still wearing the same clothes and still saving people’s lives
Bobby (the innocent dog)
loves to eat trees and his face is so red it makes my eyes water!
Cherry (the evil Chicken)
she loves her pink and blue dress and her face is very pale in the summer!
and the very boring chair doesn’t have a fun life. All he does is… get carried around and glue gets put on him “see, doesn’t have a fun life like Batman”

One day a little dog was walking to China with a chair on his back to get a very, very, very tiny bit of wood. On his way to China a fat chicken swooped in and took the dog back to Alaska.

While they were flying back to Alaska the chicken put glue on the chair and forced the dog to sit on it. Once the dog sat on the chair the chicken put TNT around the chair.

After all of that, the chicken finally got to Alaska. He left the dog in a very small room on the chair with his butt glued to the chair!

The dog was left in the room for a little bit because the chicken was setting the timer for the TNT. Once the chicken was done he went into the very small room to see how the dog was going and he was gone:o
There was a hole in the wall so he looked outside and Batman was in the air with a spatula in his hand because when Batman drops the dog off in China he’s going to try scrape the dog off the chair!

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