Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Tandia's Narrative

The Tale of One

Once there was a young Husky named Caroline. She lived in a farm with her cat friend Jeremy. They were BFFS! One day... "I'm bored," said Jeremy. “Let's play tag,” replied Caroline. They played tag.
While Caroline and Jeremy were playing tag they didn't know they were being watched by the evil chicken Klaus! “Look, we should play outside,” said Jeremy. “No, the forest,” replied Caroline. So they went to the forest.

“Look over there,” whispered Jeremy. “It's a fox,” replied Caroline. "Lets go say hi,” whispered Jeremy. But instead the fox came to them. “Oh hi,” said the Fox. “Hi,” replied Caroline and Jeremy. “I'm Elaina,” said the fox. “I'm looking for an evil chicken named Klaus,” replied Elaina. "He's a radioactive chicken," said Elaina again. "Oh," said Caroline. "Wait. I’ve got a chicken friend named Klaus,” replied Jeremy. "Jeremy, you’re in trouble. Has Klaus ever bitten you?” asked Elaina. “Yes,” replied Jeremy. “Go to the graveyard. I have a friend who can help,” said Elaina. So off they went to the graveyard. 
“FINALLY!” shouted Jeremy, not knowing that he just woke something up. “Uhhh, Jeremy do you believe in ghosts?” asked Caroline. “No,” said Jeremy then realized what she meant “GHOST!” screamed Jeremy. “Don't be afraid,” said the ghost. “My name is Damon.” “So Elaina sent you here,” said Damon. “Yup,” replied Jeremy. “Well take the potion then,” said Damon. “Why?” replied Caroline. “Just drink,” said Damon. “321 drink,” said Damon. And they suddenly were facing Klaus and tried to defeat him. “YOU can't defeat me,” screamed Klaus. “Yes we can,” replied Caroline. Then Caroline threw a poison potion and…KLAUS WAS DEFEATED! Let me tell you it then rained candy and they lived in awesomeness forever and they had a special party.

By Tandia

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