Monday, 29 June 2015

Tannah's Narrative

The Year in 792834

On Venus there lived three… well two REAL living things and a plastic chair. Their names were Amilee (the dog), Matilda (the chicken) and Luke (the plastic chair). Their PROBLEMS were…

Luke had to deal with FAT bottoms on his face (as he was a chair), Amelie had a problem of saying “#”. And lastly Matilda was a HYPER hypnotizer so you know what her problem was.

Alice the flying UNICORN heard the problems and wanted to help. OH! I didn’t tell you who Alice is. She’s the Queen of all unicorns and she’s really PRETTY! Anyway, she got the portal to go to Venus and off she FLEW.

                          * 5 hours later*

WOW,” Alice said with excitement, “this place is soo not PINK” :(  While Alice was walking she kept on saying to herself, “Where’s the PINK?” Finally she found them.

“ # What do you want sparkle face?” Amilee GLARED at Alice. “I just want to help you.” Matilda took that as a compliment so she said, “Please HELP us.” Alice explained that she heard them and wanted to help. Luke just stared BLANKLY at them.

So Alice went to work helping them. This is what she did. “First I’ll help Amelie,” Alice SHOUTED.  “# whatever,” Amilee proclaimed. Alice got out of her bag a roll of duct tape. For 3 days Amilee had duct tape on her mouth with a little something on the duct tape. Three days went by and when she RIPPED it off. Amilee never said #. “Now for Matilda,” Alice said.

Matilda was a little bit scared but she handled it. Alice put Matida on a sugar-free diet and glasses for her. She had to do this for a YEAR! “ Finally LUKE!” Alice screamed so LOUD that your eardrums would BURST! Alice  made Luke magical so he could fly away from those NASTY FAT bottoms when they were about to sit on him.

“Thank you soo MUCH,” Amilee,Luke and Matilda SHOUTED as Alice flew away! From then on they never had those problems again!  

By Tannah

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