Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Oliver B's Narrative

The Dog and the Chicken                                                                                                          

AT dawn chicken is walking home.  Suddenly he sees the most wanted criminal in the world.  It was Spark the evil dog!  Chicken said, “I wonder what Spark is up to.”  “Let’s follow Spark.” 
1 hour later back at Auckland City Spark went into the chair shop.  Chicken followed.  When they were half way into the chair shop Spark stopped then said, “I want this chair.  Let’s steal it.”

“Stop there, thief!” said Chicken.  “What!  Where did you come from?” said Spark.  “I followed you,” said Chicken. Spark started running with the plastic chair into his hide out and dropped his titanium gate. Chicken tried to get Spark by throwing a hammer.

That did not work. Then throwing rocks at the gate. That did not work. Then used TNT to blow up the gate. That worked. Then chicken put the chair back. Then called the police. Then dog went to jail.    

The End

By Oliver B

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