Sunday, 8 March 2015

Swimming Carnival

Swimming Carnival

On Friday 27th February we had our Middle School Swimming Carnival. My group was E2. The whole class went except some people who were away.

We sat by the pool in the shelter with our group letter in front. Some people chatted while the A and B group did freestyle and backstroke across the pool, with the parents watching at the other side of the pool cheering to their children swimming.

Then our group went when my grandpa was chatting. We blew bubbles across the pool. My grandpa was chatting and missed the event.  The second and third event  was fluterboarding and pushing the plastic ball with our  nose
once the teacher snaps the clapper. The clapper was  two pieces  of wood joined together that snaps. BANG!

By Jesse

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  1. that sounds really fun! i wish i was there