Thursday, 5 March 2015

Swimming Carnival

On Friday 27 February Sunnyhills had a Swimming Carnival.

First we had to get changed into our togs. (FYI it was sunny) Then the bell rang. I rushed to my number on the concrete. I was B4. The ground was piping hot so I sat on my  towel then they took us to our place in the swimming grounds.

Straight in front of me I saw a clear blue pool and parents with cheerful faces. After that it was my group. I was freaking out. We did freestyle. I came first which made me more confident. Bailey was in my group but  there was only 2 B3’s so she was in that group. I was really cold but I warmed up!

After a while we did back stroke. I heard the clapper go and then I zoomed down the pool and I went a bit wonky but I only came second so that was a relief!

Last was a weird one but I enjoyed it. We had to kick and with one hand we used the flutter board and for 3 seconds we were under and for 3 we were above. I came last :(

Finally, Mrs Venville gave a little speech to the parents and we were off. I had a great day at Swimming Sports.

By Tannah

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  1. that sounds like a really cool and fun experience