Thursday, 2 July 2015

Gabriel's Narrative

The Bullet Burglary
Once there was a dog, a chicken, a plastic chair and a farmer.

The dog’s name is Sausage, the first chicken’s name is Dr Fry Face, the other forty four chickens names are food but it is like this:  food the first, food the second and on and on and on.  OK, let’s get on with the story.

Saturday 3:30 at night, a farmer was running to his barn to check his chickens.  He slammed the gate closed but he didn’t close the gate, it swung open again.  

Dr Fry Face ran and grabbed the farmer’s bullets and ran back into the chicken house.  

Sunday 7:30 in the morning the farmer woke up and did his morning chores, then he ran to get his gun and bullets but the gun was the only thing there.  The farmer went and got Sausage and told him to search for the bullets.  Sausage (roof roof roof), I don’t know what you are saying?  Look for the bullet, look! Look!! Look with your eyes!

Sausage felt sad and ran back to the house.  The farmer thought Sausage was going to find the bullets, but Sausage wasn’t going. The farmer dug under the plastic chair but the bullets weren’t there.  Sausage was going to tell Dr Fry Face that he was going to turn bad but then he decided to do it tomorrow.

At dinner time, Sausage remembered that he was going to go with the farmer to the pet shop.  So he ran to the chicken house but Dr Fry Face was fast asleep. (roof, roof).  “Oh he’s asleep”.  Then sausage was tired also, so he went to sleep.  8.13 at night there was a thunderstorm.  Sausage woke up and ran into the chicken house. Sausage was so scared he went to sleep in the chicken house.  

In the morning Dr Fry Face was pecking Sausage.  Sausage woke up and said, “Get away Dr Fry Face!"  Then the farmer got Sausage and went into his car and drove away.  Once they had got back the farmer found the bullets.  Just then Sausage ripped a part of his toy and flung it in the air and it hit the farmer’s head and he fainted.


By Gabe

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