Sunday, 16 August 2015


Today Room 8 did some fun and exciting work in the Learning Hub with Mrs Prescott.  We were using the programme Scratch to make a version of the game called Pong. We had to choose a  background, a ball and a paddle to hit the ball with.  Then we had to make the code for the ball and paddle.

The code had to tell the ball what to do when it hit the walls or the paddle.
It is possible to add a sound when the paddle hits the ball.  It is even possible to make the ball change colour when it hits the paddle.

This short video is of Bailey and Connie's version.  You can see the lines of code on the right hand side of the screen.  The code looks like coloured blocks that fit together. We had to use lots of thinking and problem solving skills to make it all work.

Our teacher shared a story from 'ancient times' when Pong was one of the first computer games people could play at home.