Sunday, 8 March 2015

Swimming Carnival

It was the 27 February, the day of the swimming carnival.

First we had to line up in our swimming groups and then go to the pool and sit down in groups. Once it was time for my group to swim I wished I was not there.

We had to swim freestyle, backstroke and I don’t know the name but you hold a board with one hand and you keep your head on your arm.

After waiting for a long time and coming 1st and 2nd  in my races and shivering for a long time it was lunch! Luckily my mum came with some lunch for me. She came with my nana to watch me swimming in my races.

When they left, that’s when the thunder and lightning started.

By Morgan


  1. cool story about your swimming sports,it sounds really fun!

  2. fantastic story I love it