Saturday, 21 March 2015

Jesse's Recount

Swapping My Cards
Yesterday (15th March, Sunday) afternoon at 1 o’clock I just finished lunch and went somewhere. I grabbed my super animals sound card book and hopped into my mum’s brown car. I always get dizzy in that car. I was going to Countdown but not for shopping, for swapping cards.
There were lots of people swapping their cards. I swapped my double-ups and treble-ups and fourth ups and five ups! I had so many doubles I hardly had a completed page.

My mum saw people had lists of card numbers they didn’t have so she made a list too. She crossed off all the cards numbers we had. At last there was only one missing card: 21, the Chours-Frog. Hardly anyone had that double. At the end a woman gave me that card.

Now I have the whole collection! I went home happy.

By Jesse


  1. That sounds really fun! Iv'e swapped cards at countdown too.

  2. cool I went there with my friend Teresa too!!